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Empowering Migrants and Mobilizing Communities


What is PSPP?

Pro Se Plus Project (PSPP)

The Pro Se Plus Project is a collaboration amongst legal services providers and community based organizations that aims to empower recently arrived migrants with the knowledge and tools to advocate for themselves and mobilizes community supporters.

The project provides community education, legal screenings, Pro Se clinic assistance, and support in navigating the US immigration system. It also trains community supporters to increase their capacity to assist recently arrived migrants.


PSPP helps people avoid exploitation, in absentia removal orders, missed deadlines and notario fraud.

Upcoming Events

Join our upcoming events and be a part of the movement that supports migrants and enriches communities.
Education is the key that unlocks doors of opportunity and empowers individuals to create lasting change
in their lives and communities.

Malala Yousafzai

Latest Resources

Discover comprehensive resources and educational workshops to navigate the U.S. Immigration System with confidence.

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How to File for Temporary Protected Status (TPS): An Overview in 2023


How to Change Your Address (English)

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